Newsletter 2017 - Volume 1

  • Friday, October 7, 2016

Jozo Membership – I sincerely hope you all had wonderful summers and are now starting to think about the upcoming ski season. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an epic winter this years. So get ready – we are going to make sure it’s fun for the whole family. We will send these Jozo Newsletters out regularly throughout the pre-season and weekly through the ski season, So please encourage your athlete (and anyone connected to Jozo) to sign up for the Newsletter on our website at

Race Programs

There are some great programs to announce this year – including U12 -1 DayU18 - 1 Day non AOA, and Teen Gate Bashers. Check out the Blue Mountain website for details - Click here for Jozo Programs.

For pricing and to register you can use the following link to get straight to the “Web Store” page; there are 3 popup menus - choose:    “Winter”    “Lesson Programs”    “Race 17 and Under”    Web Store link.

For more information please direct any questions to Rob Crossan or Nikki Wait. Here is a quick summary of 2017 Jozo Race Programming:

U10 - 1 Day (Saturday) or 1 Day (Sunday)

U10 - 2 Day

U12 - 1 Day                           *** NEW


U14  - Division 1 (O Cup)


U16  - Division 1 (O Cup)         *** NEW

U18                                       *** NEW (Saturday)

Teen Gate Bashers                 *** NEW (Sunday)


Race Crew

Also NEW from Rob Crossan. Blue Mountain is starting a Race Crew program. Parents who become part of the race crew get free passes even if they work only on race days. Please contact Rob Crossan for details.


Registration for Alpine Ontario

All U12 and up athletes must register with AOA annually ( Please direct any questions about the AOA to Rob Crossan or Nikki Wait.  For U10 racers, you only need to register with AOA if you intend to go to one of the special events or camps which are separate from the Jozo program.


Training Camp Opportunities


Please contact contact Mark Kovich if you are interested.

There is a Jozo group in the camp Sunday, November 27 - Friday December 2.  It's a six day camp.  GS 1st 3 days, Slalom next 3 days. It's the "Jr. Elite Racing Program" camp.  When you sign up online you do it through the Family Camp Section click here to get to the family page and include "Blue Mtn Jozo" along with the racer's name.  That way you get a discount when he sends a final bill in October. They will group all the Jozo kids together, age-appropriate groups. It's around $1200 which includes a six-day lift ticket.

There is also a FaceBook page for Jozo Sun Peaks Race training



Always well attended with good coaching - and only a drive away!


Important Dates

Christmas Training Camp  -  December 27 - 31

New Year’s Training Camp  -  January 2 - 6th

Annual General Meeting (AGM)  -  January 7

Season Start  -  January 7

Family Day Event (TBD)  -  February 20

Men’s Day  -  TBD

Ladies Day  -  TBD

Club Championships  -  March 4 - 5

U10 Awards  -  March 4 - 5

U12, U14, U16+ Banquet  -  March 4


Sponsorship opportunities are available

Please contact Ken Blakeley to learn more.



Volunteerism is the heart & soul of Jozo. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the season and on our Board through the year. If you are interested in getting more involved in your club - please reach out to Ken Blakeley.


Have fun at the Turkey Tent Sale in Collingwood (October 7 - 9) at South Base Lodge and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jozo -MEC Shopping Event
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