Newsletter 2017 Volume 4

  • Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It has been a great couple of weeks on the snow for our racers. They have been put through their paces, re-connected with old friends, been assessed, had lots of fun and they are ready to go. Saturday is fast approaching and with it the official start of our programs.

As we are getting underway there are just a few important things to remember. The first day can seem a bit like a circus so here are some tips to help it go smoothly:

1) Be Early! The U12, U14, U16 and U18's will be starting at 8:45. That means they will be on their way to lift at 8:45. U10's will be starting at 9am. If everyone is ready to go on time it keeps less clutter at the meeting spots and less time in the lift line.

2) Make sure that you have your Emergency contact and Authorization forms into Nikki. She is too busy to chase people.

3) For U10's - Group lists will be printed and placed and on the wall in the lunchroom area. On the sheet with your child's name will be a color, find the same colored flag at the meeting place - this is your child's group.

4) Make sure you attend the parent meetings. If you have any questions, this is where they will be answered.

5) Let us know what you can do to volunteer this season (managers, race volunteers etc). Keep in mind it takes everyone working together to have a successful season.

6) Lunch for all groups is 11:30 - 12:30. Make sure you are on time to meet your child. Our coaches need to eat too and they are required to stay on the hill until every child is picked up.

7) Pick-up time is 3:00pm


Please refer to the Teams page for team lists, results, and information. U10 and U12 one day teams will be posted at the start of the program on the weekend.

Team Managers:

Now that most teams are now posted to the Jozo Website – team managers are needed. If you are interested and are part of U12, U14 or U16 - please reach out to Kathy Merminod. If you are part of a U10 team – please reach out to Horst Bulau or Leslie Moore. It is an excellent way to get involved in Jozo and meet the other parents on your team.
Great Opportunity for parents: Saturday Jan 7 Officials course level one

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Please join us in The Kandahar Room for the Jozo Weider Alpine Race team & Ski Club annual general meeting. It will take place on Saturday January 7th immediately after skiing. The AGM agenda is as follows:
• Ski Swap: 3pm to 6pm.
• Après cocktails 3:00 to ....
• AGM: 4:30 (elections, updates, financials, announcements for the 2017 season)
• 5:15pm AGM wrap up!

Red Descent Jackets:

If you ordered a Red Descent Jozo jacket last spring for your little racer, please contact Alison to arrange pick-up.
Jozo Gear: Our annual Jozo clothing program will kick-off this weekend in The Kandahar Room at The Inn - sales will start at the AGM on Saturday January 7th and again at lunch time on Sunday January 8th. Don’t miss out!

AOA Registration required for ALL racers in U12+

Make sure you register and pay the AOA fee here. U12 and up racers can not participate in a race until registration is complete!

Membership Fees & Banquet Tickets

The Volunteer table will be open at The Inn this weekend to accept membership fees and banquet tickets on both Saturday and Sunday at lunch, between 11:45pm – 12:45pm as well as at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday @ 3:30pm in Weider Room III. The Earlybird draw will be held on January 22nd, so be sure to pay your annual membership before this date to ensure your chance at winning great prizes.

We accept cash, cheques (payable to Jozo Weider Volunteer Committee), debit, Visa & Mastercard. Membership forms will be available at the Volunteer table.

Please note that the annual membership fees and banquet tickets are managed by the Jozo Weider Volunteer Committee and not by Blue Mountain. Therefore, the race office is NOT able to process these payments. The Volunteer table will be set up either just outside or inside the Kandahar room where we all eat lunch. Should you have any questions, please visit the Volunteer table or email Laura Skain & Karen Gigliotti at [email protected]

Ski Tuning Sessions

This is your opportunity to learn from the best of the best! Former World Cup Ski Tuner "Army" (Dave Armstrong) will demonstrate how to tune your race skis.
January 5 @ 9:30 am - Session #2 for higher level and those using speed skis
Please see the Calendar for more information.

FAQ's on the new Jozo Web site:

Answers to most of the questions you may have about racing at Jozo.
Visit the FAQ pages for U10 through U16 here: click here for Jozo FAQ's

Important dates

New Year’s Training Camp January 2 - 6 2017
Annual General Meeting (AGM) January 7 2017
Race Programs January 7 2017
Family Day Event (TBD) February 20 2017
Men's Day February 10 2017
Ladies Day February 17 2017
Club Championships & Banquet & Awards March 4 - 5 2017

Parent Meetings:

In addition we will be holding parent information meetings on the following days in Weider Room 3:
U10 - Saturday Program - January 7 @ 9:30 am
U10 - 2 -day program - January 7 @ 10 am
U10 - Sun program - January 8 @ 10:30

U12 - 2 day program - January 7 @ 2pm
U12 - Sat program - January 7 @ 1 pm
U12 - Sun program - January 8 @ 1pm

U14 - January 7 @ 10:30 am
U16 - January 7 @ 11 am
Please see the Calendar for more information

See you on the slopes!!!!

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