Newsletter 2017 Volume 6

  • Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What a Week!!

The season is under way and we've started it off in great style! Not only do we have a sea of red on the hills but our racers are hitting the poduim as well! Take a moment to look at the results tab on the jwracers site! We have many reasons to take pride in our racers and our club! Congrats to everyone who represented us this week. You make us proud!

Some of our teams have home races coming up and the volunteer sign-up is on the website Don't forget that we can NOT run a race without the volunteers!
The race schedule is:

Wicked - January 22
Blasters/Stars January 28
Jackals - January 29
Comets - Feb 4
Meteors/Supernovas - Feb 12
U10 races will be posted shortly!

Keep in mind that many of the races can be followed on Live timing through the Live Timing App or at



Thank you again for volunteering for this vital role! We have several experienced managers this year but it is always great to see some new ones as well. Many of you have had some questions regarding your role. The committe is here to help and guide you and we also have a Managers corner on the Website that you may not be aware of.This may help to answer any questions you have. It can be found under the teams tab or use this link One of the most important things a manager does is to help get volunteers for races. Please remind everyone to visit the site and volunteeer!

Could all U10 Mangers send an email to Lesley Moore [email protected] to ensure that we have an accurate e-mail for you.


Membership Fees & Banquet Tickets:

The last day to purchase your Membership and Banquet tickets at lunch is this Saturday from 11:30am – 12:30pm at The Inn.
Purchase your Membership tickets on Saturday in order to be included in the Early Bird draw which will take place on Sunday, January 22nd. Prizes include the chance to win one of 4 Blue Mountain Fee Vouchers worth up to $1,200 each!

There are minimal Banquet tickets left. You don’t want your racer to be left out of the end of the season party.

Please remember that the Banquet is for the 2-day U12 & up (+) racers. The U10 and one day U12 racers will have their own celebration immediately following their Club Championship races.

Memberships include a Jozo Weider backpack and a 10% discount on ski tuning at Army's World Class Ski Services. Army also provides a contribution to the Jozo Weider Racing Club for every tune.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit, cash and cheques. Cheques are to be made payable to Jozo Weider Volunteer Committee

Should you have any questions come see us this weekend or email Laura and Karen at [email protected]


PLEASE NOTE: The last day to order JOZO clothing with be January 21 (sales will start at 11:30). There will be no orders accepted after Saturday!

Ladies Day:

Ladies Day is just under a month away!!  Tickets went on sale last weekend and we are at 50% capacity already!!  It’s a great way to meet other Jozo Mums.  Come and join us for a day of fun and laughs.  Our day starts with breakfast at Kaytoo, then we hit the slopes for some skiing and a fun race or two - skiing competency is not required.  Lunch is at Kaytoo and we have some fabulous entertainment and activities planned for the afternoon.  It’s a PA day for most GTA school boards so Friday gate training is an option for your racers while you have fun.  U10s can take part in gate training as long as they can ride the chairlift without a coach.  Tickets are available Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime in the Inn or by contacting Steph at [email protected]



As many of you know ski racing has inherent risks. To help reduce risks we include safety equipment, some of which is required by Alpine Ontario such as helmets, others are recommended such as mouthguards. The Jozo Wieder Volunteer Committee has sourced a supplier of custom mouthguards. The price is very reasonable at $75.00 – this includes custom imprints, fabrication, and case. As well, if desired the Jozo Wieder logo will be on the guard.

Why do you need a mouthguard?
A mouthguard helps absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face, which might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw. A heavy collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss, injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth, and in severe cases a broken jaw. Injuries like these can lead to long and potentially expensive treatment to restore teeth and the mouth back to normal function and appearance.

When should I wear a mouthguard?
Mouthguards should be worn whilst playing and training for any sport that could involve contact to the face.

Alpine Canada recommends the use of mouthguards in ski racing.
In July 2012 Alpine Canada president Max Gartner has hailed the impact made by the first annual Ski Racing Safety Summit which made recommendations for improving safety in domestic ski racing, including the use of mouthgaurds at all ski racing levels.
Read some interesting articles here:

Interested, what’s the next step?
If you are interested in having a mouthguard made, contact GuardPro. You can arrange a personal fitting in the comfort of your own home. Contact info below. GuardPro’s team will take impressions of the athlete’s teeth, and then have them fabricated. The completed guards will be delivered within a few days.
Linda Bekiri, RDH
[email protected]

As well, you can choose to have your own dentist fabricate a mouthguard.


Red Descent Jackets: :

If you ordered a Red Descent Jozo jacket last spring for your little racer, please contact Alison @ [email protected] to arrange pick-up.


Important Dates:

Men's Day February 10 2017
Ladies Day February 17 2017
Family Day Event (TBD) February 20 2017
Club Championships & Banquet & Awards March 4 - 5 2017

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