Jozo Weider Newsletter Volume 2

  • Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jozo Website

We’re happy to announce the NEW Jozo Weider Ski Club website. Martin Bellemare has spent countless hours redesigning our website to provide a slick new look and current technology to ensure sustainability and future growth of the site. Aside from our usual news, pictures, race results, buy and sell, etc. the site has calendars and team pages with great potential for future content.

Now, as you can imagine maintaining a website with changing information almost daily requires lots of time and effort. So, along with Martin’s time there are other contributors: Bonnie, Greg, Mike, Ken, John, and Ian will spend hours writing news articles, tracking results, filtering through photos and videos, posting buy and sells, and inputting calendar items – as you can see your volunteer committee spends hours weekly bringing you  up to speed on the happenings at Jozo Weider.

We’d also like to take this time to thank Ian Dunin-Markiewicz for being the sole webmaster on the previous site. For many, many years Ian has maintained all of the site content. Its mind boggling that one person did all that work for so many years – THANK YOU IAN. Now, don’t fret. Ian will continue to contribute to the new site along with the other volunteers. We hope you enjoy the new site, and look for future enhancements.

Sponsor News

We are fortunate to have many of last year’s sponsors returning to the club for the 2016 season. More information will be available on our website, but huge thanks are due to our sponsors who continue to support our efforts to enhance the training for our athletes, improve the safety for all racers, and to enhance the overall experience for all our athletes and members. Thank you!

  • Blue Mountain Resort (Rob Crossan & Graeme Dugale)
  • First Asset Funds (Barry Gordon)
  • Jordyn Developments (Bryan Letofsky)
  • Kendellhurst Academy (John & Paula Kendell)
  • Renata Tempo Photography (Renata Caughlin)
  • Rouse Resources (Peter Rouse)
  • Waterton Global Resources (Mark Hill)
  • NEWSUMMIT OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES (Fabiola & Luc DiNardo). Long time members and generous supporters Fab & Luc join the sponsor family this year
  • NEW - MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT COOP. This season is the inaugural year for MEC’s involvement in alpine skiing. Their sponsorship of The Jozo Weider Alpine Race Team & Ski Club is their first such arrangement. More details to follow – but a Jozo shopping night will take place at MEC Toronto on January 7. Stay tuned throughout the season for MEC Jozo-wear details and other Jozo-MEC offers designed to provide additional support to the club.
  • NEW - VELOFIX. New for the 2016 ski season, Velofix will provide Jozo with our own ski tuning concierge service. The Velofix partnership is the next best thing to having our own Jozo ski shop at the base of Blue. Additional details will be provided over the coming weeks, but ski sharpening, waxing, repair, base-grinds, race-tune capabilities and special Jozo pricing will all be offered with the convenience of drop-off/pick-up service at The Inn. Financial support from Velofix will be provided to The Club for every pair of skis tuned – so look for the bright red Velofix truck at The Inn every weekend.


We are blessed – our 2016 sponsor roster is at capacity. But if any Jozo members are interested in becoming a sponsor for next year, please see Ken Blakeley at any time during the ski season or contact him directly at [email protected]

Alp’n Rock Shirts

More Jozo-wear options will be made available in the coming weeks, but new for this year is a Special Limited Edition Jozo Alp n Rock shirt (see photo). These typically retail for approx $200, but you can get yours for $130 (tax included) with all proceeds going directly to Jozo. This makes for a perfect last minute Christmas gift! Supplies are limited, so please contact Donna Holodryzuk [email protected] to make arrangements to take advantage of this amazing offer. 

Jozo Jackets

Good news (just in time for Christmas) – the Red Descent Jozo team jackets are in! So if you ordered (and paid) for one at the end of last season, please contact Gigi Worts at [email protected] to make arrangement to collect your jacket.

AOA Fitness Testing

ALL Division 1 racers must do the AOA Fitness test.
ANY U14 or U16 Division 2 racer wishing to participate in a Division 1 race must do the test.
ANY U14 or U16 racer participating in the Provincial Championships or CanAms must do the test.
     note:  Gooch Cup, Pod Cup, Mealey Classic do not require the test.

The Fitness testing is strongly recommended by the AOA for all U14 and U16 racers.

If any Jozo athlete is interested in participating in a Division 1 race this season, Rob Crossan/Blue Mountain/ the Jozo Weider Ski Club have made arrangements with Active Life Conditioning in Collingwood. For $25+hst our Jozo Weider athletes can be tested in Collingwood on December 21 or December 28.

Here are the registration details for the Collingwood testing:


Alpine Ontario has initiated mandatory fitness testing for all athletes U14 and up wishing to race Division 1 or any Provincial level race. The purpose of this initiative falls in line with Canadian Sport for Life and the Long Term Athlete (skier) Development model.  Fitness testing is a measure of the athlete’s Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills.  With higher Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement skills comes improved biomechanics and increased awareness of the training environment, thus reducing the potential for injuries.  Fitness testing assesses the potential for success (ready to be on snow) and the potential for injury. 

Dry-land Training

Athletes at the U14 level and up are considered to be in the “Train to Train” phase of the Long Term Athlete Development model.  This is a stage in their development where they are ready to consolidate their basic sport-specific skills and tactics and is a major fitness development stage.  Therefore some form of a year round dry-land training program should be incorporated into your athlete’s schedule.  Fitness testing should be part of this program to assess the athlete’s development and progress. Click the link below for a description of the Fitness Tests and suggestions for exercises to improve in each area:

Upcoming Important Club Dates

December 19/23 Blue Mountain Pre-Christmas Camp
December 21 AOA Fitness Testing at Active Life in Collingwood (option #1)
December 27/31 Blue Mountain Christmas Camp
December 28 AOA Fitness Testing in Collingwood (option #2)
December 31 Jozo Weider Alpine Race Team Time Trials
January 2 Jozo Weider Ski Club AGM (more details to follow)
January 7 Jozo / Mountain Equipment Coop Shopping Event (details to follow)


Parent Meeting dates in Weider Room 3

U12 December 28 at 9:30
U14  December 29 at 9:30
U16  December 30 at 9:30
U10 Sat  January 2 at 9:30
U10 2 day January 2 at 10 am
U10 Sun   January 3 at 11am
Park & Pipe snowboard January 3 at 9:30
Park & Pipe ski January 3 at 10 am
U12/U14/U16 January 3 at 1pm (for those who missed original meeting)


Jozo Weider Volunteer Committee (JWVC)

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Jozo -MEC Shopping Event
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